Scratch HISHGAD On Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I see the money I won?
Answer: After winning your balance will be updated in 'My Account' And you can buy tickets or withdraw the winnings.
How do I get my winnings?
Answer: There is a button called 'Withdraw'. Click on the profile and scroll down, fill in the bank details and the transfer will be made within 3 business days.
Can I collect the ticket I purchased?
Answer: Certainly. Please contact our customer service and you can collect the card after prior arrangement with the company offices. Please note - you must contact us near the moment of winning otherwise the ticket will be transferred to the lottery. By what means of payment can scratch cards be purchased You can pay by several means: - Credit Card - bit - Bank transfer
Do you belong to the Lottery?
Answer: The scratch cards are indeed Mifal HaPais cards, but we are a private company that uses a franchise to use innovative and unique technology of its kind in the world that knows how to make Mifal HaPais' greeting cards accessible digitally.